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Which OZ Distributor Was So Concerned About Their Reputation That They Lied To Google?

Serious questions are being asked of Sydney-based distributor Ayonz, who appear to have made false claims to Google regarding ChannelNews in an effort to get stories pulled down from the 4Square Media web site about their Company and their distribution operation in Australia.

An organisation called Lumen, who describe themselves as a project of the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society at Harvard University, claims that Ayonz have started legal proceeding with 4Square Media & ChannelNews.

In complaints to Google back in 2020 and 2021, and obtained by ChannelNews, Ayonz management claimed, “Channel News” always refer its readers to a competitor’s brand to purchase instead. After defaming us.”

They went on to claim, “We want the articles removed from all Google searches as they will not remove the article themselves, this is damaging our business with false information from a review company “Channel News” specifically targeting Ayonz Pty Ltd and its brands.

The constant release of articles targeting Ayonz and its brands with absolute false information and accusations which also involves Google …….is unacceptable and again, damaging our business.”

The only problem is that the information Ayonz has given to Google is blatantly untrue, as there is no legal action or has there ever been between Ayonz Pty Ltd, ChannelNews or 4Square Media.

Ayonz CEO Ziad Yaacoub appearing on TVSN spruiking Blaupunkt TV’s

The CEO of Ayonz is Ziad Yaacoub, who claims that we have “falsely state non true facts about Ayonz and me personally , also putting a picture of me on his article without my authorization.”

The picture that was published came from a TVSN public broadcast when Yaacoub appeared on a TV show flogging Blaupunkt TVs.

Lumen claims they are an independent research project operation, studying cease and desist letters concerning online content.

They claim to collect and analyse requests to remove material from the web.

Their goals, they claim, are to facilitate research about the different kinds of complaints and requests for removal–both legitimate and questionable–that are being sent to Internet publishers, search engines, and service providers, and to provide as much transparency as possible about the “ecology” of such notices, in terms of who is sending them and why, and to what effect.

It appears that their research is one-sided and that a simple check with 4Square Media would have revealed that at no stage has 4Square Media been served any defamation claims against this Company on behalf of Ayonz.

It would have also revealed that we openly communicate how Companies can contact 4Square Media management.

Last year, we reported that cash-strapped Ayonz has turned to trade financing in an effort continue trading after admitting they faced cash flow problems.

According to trade finance Company ScotPac, Ayonz was thrown a lifeline with the finance business enabling the Sydney-based distributor to get access to cash-flow during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Shortly after this story appeared, ScotPac removed their story about Ayonz that highlighted their plight and the service they provided to Ayonz.

Ayonz management have not said why they made false claims to Google in their effort to try and get stories about their business pulled down.

Ayonz claims that stories published by 4Square Media via ChannelNews have “injured” their reputation.

Statements made to Google and Lumen claim that Ayonz (and agents acting for them) have not been able to reach the Webmaster of the page(s) and therefore this avenue (false statements to Google) is the only applicable one to alleviate the harm currently being inflicted upon the rights of this person.

We would also like to advise Google of its liability under long-held and recent common law, where it is responsible for the moderation of harmful and defamatory content on its platform.

Ayonz, their solicitors and management of the Company as well as Google, and Lumen (If they had bothered to research 4Square Media) would have found out where 4Square Media is located and where the registered offices of 4Square Media are located.

We openly give out on our web site and the email address of executives of this Company across all our media properties.

The CEO of Ayonz, Ziad Yaacoub, has corresponded with me on several occasions.

Back in 2020, when Ayonz were making complaints to Google, we wrote to Yaacoub asking whether he could “Explain why so many Blaupunkt TVs are now discontinued at Bing Lee”.

We had been told by Bing Lee staff that the range was deranged at this retailer and it still appears to be deranged on the Bing Lee web site.

We also asked at the time why Seiki product had been discontinued at Target and whether Ayonz were going to offer it to another retailer.

The brand later appeared at Catch.

We apologise for the poor English in communications from Ayonz management to Google. 

Here is a list of some of the Ayonz stories that appear on the ChannelNews web site.

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There are several more Ayonz stories still online at www.ChannelNews.com.au.


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