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What Do You Do When You Quit Tempo, You Become A TV Star Flogging TV’s

What do you do when you leave leading Australian distributor Tempo, you become a TV star on a daytime shopping channel flogging TV’s to bored people at home, which due to COVID-19 could deliver an audience boost

First up it was Ziad Yaacoub,a former category manager at Tempo who is now the sales director of Chinese owned distribution Company Ayonz who appeared on TVSM, which is not a cheap place to buy products, flogging Blaupunkt TV’s.

Then this week former product manager Jason Oh appeared spruiking a 70-inch Philips TV.

What’s not known is why Oh who is working for global Company TV Vision the global manufacturer of Philips TV’s has moved to using a day-time TV channel to discount out a large Philips TV that is not being ranged by Australian retailers.

TP Vision has done a great job with the Philips brand in Australia working with their two core distributors, they have also been responsible for working with Philips to develop a new generation of processors for their Philips TV’s that get rave reviews around the world.

Both Tempo and Westan are the distributors of choice for Philips TV’s in Australia. Westan distribute the highly popular commercial TV’s that appear in hotel rooms.

Currently The Good Guys is selling a new range of Philips TV’s supplied by Tempo.

Ironically Yaacoub was working on securing the Blaupunkt distribution rights for Tempo before he left to pop up some time later claiming that Ayonz had secured the rights to the Blaupunkt TV range.

He also worked on a concept involving Toshiba TV’s and appliances while at Tempo.

Jason Oh Sales Director at TP Vision

Oh who quit Tempo last year is well known in the industry having worked at Panasonic, Hitachi, Tempo and now TP Vision who are looking to expand their business in Australia.

Recently Oh told ChannelNews that he is set to launch the Philips premium range of TV’s in Australia including their top end OLED models.

We will let you know as soon as Oh has secured a retailer for this range of premium TV products.

Recently Ayonz managed to get their 2020 Blaupunkt TV’s officially approved, they are now being offered at TVSM, as well as on the Cheap as Chips website despite not being cheap (See story here). They are also ranged on the Catch web site.

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