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Is Ayonz Facing A Blaupunkt DVD Recall Over Multi Region Playback Issues

Serious questions are being raised about Blaupunkt DVD Players distributed in Australia by Ayonz and sold at JB Hi Fi with one customer up in arms because of multi region playback issues with the Made In China product.

According to Jefferey Freeman he will never buy another Blaupunkt product again after a recent bad experience.

In an email to SmartHouse he wrote “Last Monday I bought a Blaupunkt DVD player from JB HiFi Brisbane marked Germany on the box, only to discover on opening that it was made in China and distributed by Ayonz. The box was marked ‘ All Region DVD’. My reason for buying the DVD player was to have a multi- region player. It did not accept a Canadian DVD and the remote didn’t work properly. I had it replaced by JB yesterday only to find the same problem existed”.

Freeman was upset that JB are advertising that the Blaupunkt DVD player is multi-region on the internet and that “JB Hi Fi staff” are under the impression that the made in China product will play DVD from multiple regions.

Blaupunkt is a licenced name. The Company no longer exists as a manufacturer of consumer Electronic goods and Companies such as Ayonz pay an annual licence fee to use the name on goods ranging from TV’s and DVDs to radios.

Ayonz have not commented for this story, JB Hi Fi is investigating the issue.

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