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OZ Retailers Checking Distributor Credentials, Ayonz Revealed As Foreign Company

Retailers are moving to check the balance sheet of their suppliers some fearing that they could be left with warranty claims if a distributor has cash flow problems or supply problems because of a shortage of goods coming out of China and the Coronavirus sweeping global markets.

Recently Winnings moved to check their suppliers while some including Target having already dropped suppliers due to issues over warranty claims.

Recently ChannelNews discovered that Sydney based appliance distributor Ayonz Pty Ltd is a foreign owned Company according to Australian Securities and Investment Commission documents that were lodged last year.

The Company makes no mention of this on their web site, the Company is also linked with Ayonz Global Limited in Hong Kong and Ayonz London in the UK.

The local Company has not said which Company is carrying the warranty risk for Australia, or whether the Australian entity is a sales operation only for the Hong Kong based Company, which lists as a director Jierui Huang, a China based director who quit one of the Ayonz entities in the UK last year.

Ayonz distributes products branded as Blaupunkt, Brooklyn, EKO, Germanica, Seiki Svision with the Company claiming that they plan to launch Toshiba Appliances and Audio this year.

Blaupunkt TV’s are also being sold at the Nick Aboud run ‘Cheap As Chips” retail operation.

Several of these brands don’t exist as separate manufacturing Companies, Blaupunkt exists in name only with Chinese Companies sticking the brand name on products ordered by Ayonz.

During a recent TVSN appearance the CEO of Ayonz Ziad Yaccoub, claimed that a new Blaupunkt TV which with deliver costs $1,048 was “The best value TV out there” what he failed to tell TVSN viewers was that Aldi was selling a similar Bauhn premium TV for $799 complete with Android TV certification from Google as well as Google Assistant and Netflix integrated into the remote.

JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys are also selling 65” Full HD 4K TV’s for under $1,000.

He also claimed that the new Blaupunkt TV was launched at CES 2020 an event he claimed was attended by 1.2Million people.

According to the organisers of CES no more than 180,000 people attended the 2020 show in Las Vegas.

Also being offered to TVSN viewers is a Toshiba soundbar.

Toshiba quit the audio and appliance manufacturing markets due to accounting scandals that resulted in the brand being sold to a large Chinese conglomerate who want to stick the name on appliances and soundbars.

Recently Viano TV’s were dropped from Big W, no explanation was given by the retailer.

Also coming under pressure is Melbourne based Residentia who according to insiders have recently held discussions with Winnings. It’s not known whether Winnings are set to take a financial position in the Company.

In the notebook market Foxconn is now using a new name Dynabook because the Toshiba name is linked with scandal and corruption.

Also facing a tough market prior to the arrival of Coronavirus, was Sydney based Laser Corporation who in a space of a few weeks have seen a record return in demand for their products including Facemasks which they are supplying to NSW Health, Android Tablets for stay at home parents, cleaning and cleansing products for technology products as well as an increase in demand for “media players” due to people connecting their home PC and monitor up to a media source.

Several distributors in Australia are foreign owned ChannelNews has no evidence that Ayonz is in breach of any Australian laws. We have asked the Company how much profit they are paying in Australia.


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