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Blaupunkt Finally Gets Approval For 2020 Android TV’s

Blaupunkt Finally Gets Approval For 2020 Android TV’s

Blaupunkt has finally got approval for their Android TV’s with Google set to list the new models on their approved Android TV web site shortly, Blaupunkt TV’s being sold in Australia during 2019 were not Google certified.

The move to get certification came after ChannelNews outlined the fact that current model Blaupunkt TV’s were not listed on the official Android approved products web site.

According to Google executives in Tokyo the new models which were shown at CES for the first time will be certified however Google have not said whether the Blaupunkt set top boxes currently being sold in stores are approved by Google who in the past have rejected local distributors from selling an Android TV set top box.

Greg Hirsch who is contracted to Blaupunkt distributor Ayonz who are also selling to retailers a Seiki Android TV set top box which Google has not confirmed is certified has moved to spruik the new Blaupunkt TV’s following questions about the previous models sold at Bing Lee and JB Hi Fi.

Despite repeated requests to Ayonz the Company has avoided any comment about their prior models nor have they said whether those TV’s were certified.

They have also not commented about their current range of Blaupunkt or Seiki Android TV set top boxes.

Dusan Farrington from Google in Tokyo said “To be fair, I can see how the confusion may have happened: it is true that these brands (Blaupunkt, Eco and Seiki TV’s) are not currently listed on our own site, https://www.android.com/tv/. This site is constantly being updated and Ayonz, Eco, Blaupunkt and Seiki should appear there shortly”
He did not mention set top boxes.

Currently Aldi with their Braun models are selling one of the best value Android TV’s in Australia. They are not only Google approved but also have voice activation built in .

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