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EXCLUSIVE:Ayonz Spruiks Blaupunkt Appliances But No One Told The Kitchen Company

Germany-based Haecker Kitchen has set up an Australian operation to sell their kitchens and Blaupunkt appliances according to Sydney based distributor Ayonz via their Blaupunkt Australia web site.

But the only problem is that the kitchen Company in NSW is only reccomending Miele appliances and when questioned about Blaupunkt kitchens a sales executive denied knowing the brand.

The kitchen install operation based in NSW is a sister operation to the German Company, they will compete directly with the Melbourne based Company Nikpol who started selling Blaupunkt appliances last year in Victoria.

The only problem is that a visit to the web site that Ayonz is spruiking on the Blaupunkt web site fails to reveal any Blaupunkt appliances or reference to appliances.

When ChannelNews called the Kitchen Company an executive Nell Ghrrayshi said that they recommended Miele appliances “We make up the cabinets”.

When asked about whether they sold or recommended Blaupunkt appliances the executive said “No”.

She appeared to have never heard of Blaupunkt Appliances.

See web site here:

Ziad Yaacoub a director at Ayonz said “We are happy to see the new line-up of quality Blaupunkt kitchen appliances brought to Australia. This will make Blaupunkt an even more highly recognizable brand in the region.”.

A visit to the Blaupunkt Australia web site operated by Ayonz, reveals a press statement that claims that the Germany-based Haecker Kitchen, is the largest kitchen manufacturer in Germany.

They further claim that Blaupunkt sells more than 100,000 units of Blaupunkt branded major domestic appliances in 17 countries every year.

The operator of the Hacker Kitchens web site in Australia is Innoco Pty Ltd, the showroom is located at Shops 5 – 7/105 Victoria Road Drummoyne- NSW 2047.

The sole director of the kitchen Company is Mir Kousha Ghorayshi.


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