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NakedOffice Exposes Dirt OZ Top Co’s

NakedOffice Exposes Dirt OZ Top Co’s

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Telcos and retailers including Dick Smith, Optus and iiNet are all shown up on the website NakedOffice in which present and past staff expose company’s management culture and what they’re really like to work for.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the best comments:

Working for telco Optus sounds like something straight out of a HR “how to'” handbook, if this anonymous posting is to be believed:

“I had a truly great experience at Optus, just working in the call centre as sales support. Sadly the department was offshored, but dammmnnn they had an awesome culture and fabulous people working for them. We were always supported and encouraged, reward and recognition…”

Another also said the telco was “a place to learn and prosper.”

But fellow telco iiNet was less friendly to work for, apparently.

“I left iiNet due to the lack of further technical education opportunities, frustration with managements lack of technical knowledge and lack of advancement opportunities for people who were technical minded and not located in Perth,” wrote an ex- customer service rep.

Telstra was a mixed bag with sneers from staff saying it was “company that treats its employees, suppliers, contractors and customers with contempt” and “many unethical sales and business practices being undertaken” to “a very positive experience.”

Retailer Dick Smith was also blasted by one anonymous commenter, who described it as “one of the most frustrating, dysfunctional work environments I have ever encountered. Employee initiative is actively discouraged.

“Longstanding problems go unrecognised and unresolved by management, even when there are obvious simple solutions.”


Another said it is “pretty relaxing at my workplace except near Christmas where the place goes crazy…Woolworths used to be a great company to work for. Fabulous managers and friendly workmates.

“But unfortunate that’s all changed over the last three years.”