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iTV: “Full TV, Touch, iOS Halo Effect” – Analyst

iTV will be a set-top box built into the Apple TV and your home screen will work like an inflated iPad.

Thats what Peter Misek, senior tech analyst from Jefferies & Co revealed on Friday telling CBNC what he believes iTV will be:

“An integrated full feature TV set, set top box integrated in the set….much as you would touch iPhone, iPad you would touch the air in front of you with gesture control.”

“Asian manufacturers we’ve been in contact with have indicated production yield on iPhone 5 has improved, and we think iPad mini, and also believe iTV has gone into production,” he added.

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But other clues iTV is definitely coming appeared last week, Misek noted.

“GDSU indicated yesterday that they had a new customer ‘Livingroom Base’ – we believe its not a gaming company….that’s Apple.”

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But iTV wont be a big driver for Apple earnings per se, says Minsk, rather it will have a huge ‘halo effect’, where the new Apple device will encourage users to stay within the iOS ecosystem.

“If you have an iTV or are hooked into iTV services you’re unlikely to buy any other phones other than an iPhone and certainly you’re next tablet will be an iPad,” the Jefferies & Co analysts added.

“Its more about selling more iPad and iPhones than selling TVs.”

Other rumours that have ran about Apple TV of late are a 42″ 20:9 screen (ditching iPad’s 4:3) res, Siri to search the Internet for TV content, iSight camera and is highly likely Apple TV will run a version of iOS tailored for the big screen but will be similar to iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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