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Weatherproof Outdoor Camera From D-Link

Weatherproof Outdoor Camera From D-Link

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The D-Link DCS-7510 is equipped with a high-resolution Sony CCD image sensor, comes with a built-in Infrared Cut Removable (ICR) filter that allows it to capture images in good light, low light and total darkness, and provides high-quality, real-time video compression in MPEG-4 and motion JPEG formats.

In addition, the DCS-7510 is equipped with a varifocal 9~22mm lens supporting both wide-angle and close-up fields of view. The camera also has an auto-iris that automatically adjusts the exposure according to the light conditions.

A live feed from the camera can be accessed by PCs connected via the network, the Internet or a 3G mobile network by using a compatible mobile phone or PDA with a 3G video player.

The bundled D-ViewCam software also allows users to manage and record videos via Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices or can record videos to a Network Video Recorder (NVR).

D-Link Australia and New Zealand’s Marketing Director, Maurice Famularo, said, “D-Link’s latest feature-rich network camera is an ideal solution for 24-hour outdoor surveillance without the need for additional artificial lighting. Users can view high-quality images, remotely monitor their site from their PCs or 3G mobile phones and record footage to a network storage device in real time.”

Pricing for the D-Link DCS-7510 Network Camera is to be announced at a later date.