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Nintendo Switch Will Soon Come In Coral

Coral is the newest addition to the range of colours Nintendo offers for its hit handheld gaming console.

Coral, or pink, or maybe salmon pink if you prefer, joins the existing range of turquoise, yellow and grey that comprised the initial lineup of the Nintendo Switch Lite when it launched late 2019.

At this stage, the new Coral Switch Lite has only been confirmed for Japan and North America, where it will be available from April 3 for the same price as existing Switch Lite models.

We expect Nintendo of Australia will shortly confirm the Coral edition will be available in Australia at around the same time.

The Switch Lite is a slimmer, lighter version of the Switch handheld. Unlike the original model it is designed exclusively for portable use; it cannot dock to output to a TV nor can its joy-cons controllers be removed.

The Switch Lite currently retails for $329 in Australia.

The full range of Switch Lite colours.

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