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In Print: Fuji Xerox New Printers Deliver

In Print: Fuji Xerox New Printers Deliver

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Fuji Xerox 4620DN

Fuji Xerox’s 4620DN is capable of printing 62 pages per minute, while the 4600N isn’t far behind printing 52 pages per minute. The first page takes 7.8 seconds to print, which is probably quicker than most can get up from their chair and make the walk over to collect.

With printing though, quality is just as important as quantity. Fuji Xerox understands the philosophy programming an enhanced image quality of 1200 x 1200.

Designed for the office, the two printers can hold 650 papers in a single tray, or can be upped to 3,750 with additional paper trays. They’re capable of printing on a variety of surfaces, including transparencies, cardstock, envelopes and labels.

The 4620DN features automatic duplexing, the ability to stable up to 50 pages at a time and a four bin mailbox so different users can be assigned a designated tray. 

Through a feature coined Image Overwrite Technology, both printers erase unneeded date from their memory to safeguard documents. Secure printing can also be enabled, using a PIN number to protect printing jobs which must be entered at the printer for the jobs to be completed.

Both the 4600N and 4620DN are designed to be environmentally friendly, boasting good energy star ratings through reduced power consumption and split consumable technology.

Available from September 21st, the 4600N and 4620DN are available at $1869 and $2749 respectively.