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Panasonic Challenges Mobiles With Feature-Packed Cordless Home Phone In 2012

  The company today previewed its upcoming home phone, the 803 Series Premium DECT cordless phone, which is set for a 2012 release.

The upcoming phone features a slew of recent technologies to the phone world including signal repeaters and mobile technology that keeps the phone functional even in a blackout.

The unit also has a built-in a 1.45-inch TF LCD screen with bright colours to compliment the lighted keys that give the handset an easy-to-use interface.

The added repeater boosts the signal in the home, retransmitting the signal to extend the range. This ensures full reception around the home, even when you move out of close range of the docking station.

The new handset also uses what Panasonic calls a ‘power failure talk system’ to make and receive calls during a black out. If the cordless battery begins to die, the handset can be slotted into the dock for extra life until the power comes back.

The full list of features can be found over the page.

  Key Features – 803 Series Premium DECT Cordless Phone
?    1.45-inch full colour TFT LCD
?    Answering machine with message counter:18 minutes
?    Handsfree speaker phone on handset
?    Handset locator
?    Expandable up to six handsets
?    Night Mode (disables ringtone during the night)
?    Call waiting Caller ID/Incoming Call Barring3
?    200 name and number phonebook
?    Phonebook copy (Handset to Handset)
?    Polyphonic ringer on handset: 30 melodies/10 tones
?    10-redial memory (name and number)
?    Conference call with outside line (up to between 2 handsets)
?    Call share (barge in)
?    Intercom (Handset to Handset)
?    Gap compatible
?    Any key answer
?    Clock and alarm
?    Multiple language display
?    Ringer LED on handset
?    Beltclip(s) included
?    Headset Jack (Headset not included)
?    Wall mountable Base and Charger Unit