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Sound United Rolls Out New Denon and Polk Ranges

Global audio Company Sound United, who recently acquired Melbourne based audio and connected home distributor Qualifi, has rolled out a new range of Denon and Polk soundbars, as well as a new range of Polk speakers. Also launched are three new Denon networked speakers.

Sound United is also launching a new range of Polk 100 watt in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that start as low as $299. The V80 100-watt ceiling speakers are visually pleasing and pack a punch, with the V85 in-wall models boasting 125 watts.

Currently the Denon soundbar range is proving popular at Harvey Norman. The entry-level S216H manages a thick, rounded sound without containing a sub. This product will retail for $349. The 2.1 model with LCR split sells for $679.

JB Hi Fi are set to stock the new Denon network speakers, which range in price, from $399 for the Denon Home 150 speaker, to $699 for the Denon Home mid-range speaker, to the $999 Denon Home 350.

The new range supports Bluetooth and Apple Airplay2 as well as Ethernet and USB, with 3.5mm line inputs completing the picture.

It also allows Ultra High-Definition music to be played.

The Polk range of soundbars is similarly impressive, with the REACT bar with Alexa retailing at $449, with optional sub-woofer for an extra $279. For a more bass-heavy experience, the Polk Signa S3 is $599, and comes with an inbuilt sub-woofer, quite a novelty for a soundbar at this price point.

According to the CEO of Sound United Australia Phil Newton, the rollout of the new Denon and Polk ranges has been well received by retailers. “They’re selling like hotcakes,” he informed us.

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