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Plan Manager: Telstra Online Portal To Eliminate Bill Shockers

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The new online portal, announced today, provides postpaid customers better “visibility and control” of their mobile spend, which they can access directly from their smartphone.

My Plan Manager, available for all Telstra postpaid’s tells users how much mobile data has been used, how many days left until the next bill and update BigPond settings.

Customers can also add a mobile data pack and purchase an International roaming data pack for the first time ever, the telco said  on its blog today.

Additionally, a ‘Daily Data Usage’ tab has also been introduced, which displays a view of all the day’s data activities, to alert of hitting quota ceilings or additional costs.

This new service is part of Telstra $1 billion makeover plan which includes ramping up its previously abhorrent customer service and comes jsut days after it launched a series of colourful ads in the media.

Earlier this year, it introduced an anti bill shock system, alerting users who were about to exceed data and plan quotas via text.

The My Plan Manager is on the “My” Tab on Telstra branded handset and is unmetered within Australia, so no fees for use.

More Australians than ever are using the mobile internet on their phones, with 61% now accessing the internet on their mobiles daily – making My Plan a handy tool to monitor the data consumption.

“We recognise that we need to provide you with more convenient ways to deal with Telstra for certain types of transactions – and at times and places that suit you,” Telstra’s Mobile Service Director, Nick Ruddock said.

And there’s more to come, apparently. “My Plan Manager is Telstra’s first step in delivering a comprehensive series of self help and service management capabilities to use directly from your mobile device.”