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REVIEW: Motorola’s Edge 20 Fusion Is Affordable And Excellent

Motorola recently rolled out its Edge 20 range, featuring the Edge 20 Pro, the Edge 20, and the affordable option: the Edge 20 Fusion, which retails at $499.

For a budget smartphone, Motorola’s Edge 20 Fusion 5G sure packs a punch, both in its processing power — sporting a dual 5G MediaTek Dimensity 800u processor, and 6GB of memory — and in terms of smart design, with unused apps sitting in the background and therefore not making your smartphone sluggish – often an issue when you try to push some of the more affordable phones to the limits.

The 6.7” display is bright and sharp, with a 90Hz refresh rate, and there’s 128 GB of built-in storage – the latter of which can be updated to 1TB with a memory card – a brilliant option that not enough smartphones boast.

The camera is the main sell here, with a 1080MP main camera, which boasts ‘Ultra Pixel’ technology that is design to flourish in low light situations. The Macro Vision offers 5X zoom, which focuses remarkably quickly, for those quick snap moments, while the wide-angle lens gives a sprawling, 120-degree shot. The front-facing camera is only 32MP, which still does the job, but given this is the camera most of the selfie generation uses, more oomph could have been given to this particular feature. This said, it still takes damn good photos that would have been unthinkable a few years ago at this price point.

The best feature, camera wise, is the Dual Capture Mode, which films you and the person opposite in split-screen mode. I don’t know how often you’d use this particular feature, but it’s great when in use.

It’s also a great sized phone too, feeling good in your hands, with the buttons sitting in ergonomically smart positions. I have found with many smartphones, it is rather easy to accidentally exit the app you are using, when attempting to use the space bar or the keyboard. Thankfully, I found no issues with everyday use.

All in all, the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion is another gem in what’s fast becoming a competitive budget smartphone market.


Amazing value for money

The Dual Camera option is good for easy two-camera split-screen filming

Battery-wise is extremely good. Lasted over a day, without a charge, even under normal use.


The selfie camera isn’t the best, especially given the effort put into the other camera options, and the sharpness of the screen picture.

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