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Galaxy Fold Care Video Advises “Light Touch”

Samsung has released a care advice video for its luxury Galaxy Fold phone, months after the Korean giant pulled the handset after early technical faults.

Advising customers to “use a light touch”, the video highlights “no extra film” on the display screen – a paint point for early reviewers who prompted screen problems after peeling it off.

The device was first unveiled in April, but pulled after early reviewers experienced display issues.

The re-designed Galaxy Fold was showcased at IFA 2019, and is tipped to launch in Australia before year end. The handset has been released internationally, alongside a 5G variant.

Post to YouTube, a new promo video offers care instructions for the ultra-premium device which is tipped to cost ~A$3,000.

Highlighting a build “inspired by the precision of watch mechanics”, Samsung warns users to keep the handset free from dust, water, keys or coins which may impair its foldable hinge.

Thee luxury handset also accompanies a ‘Galaxy Fold Premier Service’, with various inclusions tipped to vary region by region.

Watch the video below: