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BREAKING NEWS: OZ Samsung Galaxy Fold Event Canned, No New Date Set

Samsung Electronics has officially pulled the plug on the roll out of their all new Samsung Galaxy Fold with the South Korean Company needing at least a month to investigate why the device malfunctioned in the hands of critics.

We believe it will be canned altogether.

The foldable-screen device was slated to be introduced to media in Hong Kong and China on Thursday and to go on sale in the U.S. on Saturday.

Samsung Australia is now set to cancel the local media briefing that was scheduled for May 6th Hong Kong & China has already been cancelled. 

Problems with the Fold screen would be a dealbreaker all on their own. But the issues go deeper.

As a phone, it’s not good enough.

As a tablet, there are also too many drawbacks. As a combined device that can morph between the two, the Galaxy Fold is an intriguing sneak peek at what might be possible in the future of mobile computing — but probably not for years.

When ChannelNews first saw this device we branded it a Lemon, why? because it quickly became apparent that compromises had been made.

Now media organisations like the Wall Street Journal are claiming that When using the phone in folded format, the device was thick and somewhat cumbersome — about the width of two regular smartphones. The 4.3-inch screen wasn’t useful for much beyond making and receiving calls; it’s too narrow for typing anything other than quick messages.

The front display also looked odd compared with today’s full-screen phones, with very thick top and bottom bezels. Beyond that, the front glass seemed as durable as other smartphones.



The cancellations come after multiple tech reviewers identified problems with the device last week, encountering issues after using it for just a day or two.

Some reviewers unknowingly ripped off part of the phone’s display, believing it to be a protective cover. Others had problems with hinges or flickering screens. Several reviewers reported they didn’t have any issues with their Galaxy Fold handsets.

Overnight the Company said that they plan to announce a new release date for the phone in the coming weeks.

“Initial findings from the inspection of reported issues on the display showed that they could be associated with impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge,” the company said. “There was also an instance where substances found inside the device affected the display performance.”

The device has a tablet-size screen measuring 7.3 inches diagonally. When closed, it sports a second, smaller outer display that can perform most tasks.

“We are conducting a thorough inspection into the issues reported by some of the reviewers of early Galaxy Fold samples,” a Samsung spokeswoman said. “We will share the findings as soon as we have them.”

The Wall Street Journal claims that the smartphone industry is closely watching the release of Samsung’s new product. The Galaxy Fold drastically updates the smartphone’s look, changing the rectangular design that the ubiquitous product has had for more than a decade.

Samsung executives view its foldable-screen phone as a way to distinguish the company as a product innovator in comparison with key competitors—especially China’s Huawei Technologies Co., which is building a rival product.

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