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Apple Watch To Forgo ECG App, Again

The new Apple Watch Series 5 is set to ship without a heart monitoring ECG app, reportedly influenced by Australian medical regulations.

Reported by Gizmodo Australia, companies wanting to sell medical devices locally must receive approval from the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) to be included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) – with no application received by the TGA for an Apple product and the ARTG.

The Apple Watch’s ECG feature was first debuted on the Series 4 device, and as per its website “can capture heart rhythm on-demand in a moment when users experience symptoms” via electrodes.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved the ECG app for use in the Apple Watch in 2018, followed by regulators in Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Some commentators have suggested an Apple Watch bought outside of Australia could still use the ECG app, though the device is likely to be impaired by mobile carrier restrictions.

(Image Source: Apple Website – AU left, US right)



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