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Disney CEO Claims Apple Merger Possible If Jobs Were Alive

In his new memoir, Disney CEO Bob Iger claims that the idea of his company and Apple merging would have been a possibility if Steve Jobs were still alive.

The excerpt from the autobiography, released to Vanity Fair, speaks of the potential merger between Apple and the House of Mouse, along with several other experiences had between the two CEOs and friends.

The pair first came into each other’s world in 2005, after Iger succeeded former CEO Michael Eisner for the top job.

The two companies had a falling out during the Eisner days and Apple “held deep-rooted animosity” towards Disney during this time, and one of the first tasks Iger gave himself in the new role was to rekindle the working relationship between Disney and Apple.

Iger called the falling out at the time as “huge blow, from both a financial and a public-relations standpoint”.

Despite these ingrained issues between both companies, Iger and Jobs went ahead and formed both a business partnership, as well as a personal relationship, over their ideas on TVs future, amongst other things.

They stood side-by-side onstage in 2005 to announce that five Disney shows (including Lost and Desperate Housewives) would be available on iTunes.

This new friendship led to the even bigger deal of Disney’s acquisition of Pixar for $7.4 billion in 2006, as well as seats for each other in their respective boards.

“With every success the company has had since Steve’s death, there’s always a moment in the midst of my excitement when I think, I wish Steve could be here for this,” Iger told Vanity Fair.

“I believe that if Steve were still alive, we would have combined our companies, or at least discussed the possibility very seriously.”

The comment has been brought to light a few days after Iger resigned from Apple’s board of directors ahead of the launch of both companies’ very own streaming service.

Iger’s autobiography, titled ‘The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons From 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company’, is now available.

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