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What Went Wrong With Samsung Galaxy Fold? Fatal Flaws Revealed

There is every possibility that the new Samsung OLED Galaxy Fold will not be released in its current form due primarily to glaring ‘failures’ claim experts who have torn the new device apart.

The $3K + device was exposed last week after it fell apart in the hands of critics, now iFixit a Company that specialises in smartphone teardowns has revealed that the device is ‘alarmingly fragile’ and the display struggled to withstand the pressure from a new hinge as it was opened and closed.

Early reviewers experienced issues with their Galaxy Fold units after they removed a protective display from the front.

Once they did, the display began to flicker and then it failed.

What researchers discovered was A 7mm gap between where the two display halves that allowed dust, dirt and other damaging particles to get trapped underneath the display.

The OLED display, which is extremely delicate compared to traditional LCD screens, has been exposed as also being susceptible to even the slightest of damage.

‘Unlike the dull slabs of glass, we’re used to, this smartphone/tablet hybrid has lots of potential entry points – and not the good kind,’ iFixit explained.

‘To achieve the fold, the thin bezel that surrounds (and protects) the screen leaves a gap where the two halves meet.

‘This 7 mm gap doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but it leaves the display exposed and if something accidentally enters the gap, it’s curtains for the screen,’ iFixit claims.

They also claimed that users would ‘almost certainly be replacing the 7.3″ screen before long a process that could cost over $800.

The noticeable gap between the screen and the hinge means that dust, dirt and other potentially damaging particles could make their way into the display.

‘When closed, the screen is protected – but the spine is flanked by massive gaps that our opening picks hop right into,’ iFixit explained.

‘These gaps are less likely to cause immediate screen damage but will definitely attract dirt.’

Additionally, the firm found that removing the protective display from the interior screen caused the device to malfunction.

‘The display could technically function without the layer, but it is so tightly adhered, and the display is so fragile that it’s difficult to remove without applying display-breaking pressure,’ iFixit said.

iFixit removed the protective layer on the interior display and said it ‘killed’ the phone.

Other problems revealed that the entire hinge which is exposed at both ends could be impacted if slightly knocked the firm said in a statement.

‘There was also an instance where substances found inside the device affected the display performance.

‘We will take measures to strengthen the display protection,’ Samsung added.

The company chose to postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold, initially set for tomorrow in the USA.

The Australian launch was tipped for mid-May.

Samsung said it expects to announce a release date in the coming weeks after it evaluates the feedback it received from journalists and conducts additional internal testing of the device.

The issues raise questions about whether or not the Galaxy Fold can withstand normal use.

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