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Is The $3,000 Galaxy Fold Set To Be A Samsung Lemon?

Has Samsung built a big expensive lemon in the form of their all new Galaxy Fold come smartphone or mini tablet.

The much talked about foldable phone is finally here — and it is going to costs at least $2,999 in Australia

When it was first revealed last night, it drew audible gasps and laughs from the assembled audience in San Francisco, because of not only the price but the design and weight of the device.

The Fold features a tablet-sized 7.3 inch display that bends, allowing it to fold to the size of a regular smartphone with a 4.6 inch screen.

The added screen space allows for multi-tasking with three apps at once which most human beings find difficult at the best of times even on a 15″ inch notebook.

But the Fold’s US $1,980 price tag which on raw dollar translation terms and without a GST component adds up to A$2,788, adds in the GST and you have a $3,000 device which as one Twitter user said. “No one needs to spend their time on 3 apps. Do one damn thing at a time.”

“My prediction is that the $2000 #SamsungFold will be the biggest flop in phone history,” another tweet read.

A 13-inch MacBook pro with 128GB storage costs as little as $1,849, or $1,151 less than the new Samsung device, which is tipped to launch in Australia in the next quarter.

My concerns are that when the device is folded over its slimmer width wise than my Galaxy 9 Note, or the regular Galaxy 9+ and that is a big negative as the device is still going to be used as a smartphone more so than a tablet or small flip screen.

When closed this device is smaller than a Samsung Galaxy 9 display, it’s also long and thin.

While the technology in the device is cutting edge most smartphones are used for the basics and if the delivery of the basics, messaging, contacts, are being compromised or that you have to keep opening up the device to read a story or access content then it will fail.

It could become a glorified status symbol but at 3 grand this is a serious case of over kill.

When open the Galaxy Fold allows for three tasks at once to be processed on the screen. But who processes three tasks at once even on a 15″ notebook.

Samsung launched the new gadget, which can be used as a tablet or phone, as part of their 10th Galaxy anniversary and while they are the first to deliver a foldable smartphone, they are yet to get consumer feedback and that will be the true litmus test as to whether there is a place in the market for a $3K mobile device.

Samsung launched the new Galaxy Fold along with a bevy of other devices including the Galaxy S10 phone, which features a true edge-to-edge display with a small cut out in the corner for its two front-facing cameras.

Samsung’s new flagship phone also comes with a hidden fingerprint sensor built under the display — rather than on a piece of plastic that covers the display, like on the iPhone.

There is also a built-in wireless charger, which allows the S10 to use its own battery to charge other Qi-certified devices.

The S10 comes in four different models, the standard S10 and S10+, the compact, cheaper S10e and future-focused S10 5G with a mammoth 6.7-inch display that is able to operate on the super-fast 5G networks that are being developed by wireless carriers.

Samsung also expanded its line of wearables, including a pair of wireless earbuds, dubbed Galaxy Buds, designed to take on Apple’s uber-popular AirPods.

But as for their hero I have my doubts that this device will be the success that Samsung is hoping for.

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