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Hello, Telstra? Telco Unleash Live Facebook Chat

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If Twitter wasn’t enough now Telstra have gone one step further with round the clock Facebook chat. 

And if you think David Thodey’s Telco has gone barmy, it insists some customers do have service issues well into the night. 

“Our social media support team is now available 24/7- so we can answer that niggling question you have about data usage in the middle of the night, albeit possibly in our pajamas.”

“Or you can get help when overseas, whatever the time zone,” Gerd Schenkel, Exec Director wrote on Telstra Exchange. 

“I know you might be wondering who would be talking to Telstra in the wee hours of the night but it just so happens that lots of our customers prefer that.”

And over 20% of tweets to @telstra are “after hours,” says Schenke. 

And it has also unleashed online CrowdSupport, where fellow Telstra users can contact each other – post questions and answers about products, services.

So if your Android is frustrating you then CrowdSupport might have the answer. 

“It’s all about “give and take” in this new community.Telstra service folks are on hand to help where needed, but often times the answer may well be the “wisdom of the customer (crowd)”.

The move is part of its image revamp, investing $1billion in ‘Project New’ makeover. 
And the plan is paying dividends, with major customer growth recorded in recent financial report: