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Razer-Sharp Gaming With ‘True’ 7.1 Tiamat

Razer-Sharp Gaming With

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Razer’s Tiamat 7.1

The Razer Tiamat range aims to replicate the powerful surround sound experience of entertainment games, without compromising sound quality, nor deafening present household friends and family. 

The Tiamat 7.1 packs 10 discrete drivers, 5 in each ear cup designed to communicate pinpoint positional sound. 

When using the Tiamat, gamers hear enemy footsteps, gunfire and communication, particularly useful when they’re positioned behind you. There are also 2 sub woofers, one for the left and another for the right ear.

The 10 total drivers work in unison to offer a comprehensive sound environment, contributing to game authenticity.

Audio is completely customisable through a sleek control unit. The unit gives the gamer power by fine tuning every audio channel, position, bass depth and allows them to toggle between 7.1 surround mode, 2.0 stereo mode or external speakers.

Also to be released in the series is the Razer Tiamat 2.2, featuring 4 drivers in the headset and 2 more dedicated to bass, upping the latter to give double the impact. Excellent for MMORPG games, grenades, missiles and rapid fire gunshots are replicated with true to life sound, turning a virtual exercise into a rich, sensory experience.

Comfort is just as important in design, with the 2.2 Tiamat sporting comfy leatherette earcups and a precise unidirectional microphone.

Pricing and availability has yet to be announced, but we’ll definitely keep you updated.