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World’s Fastest Broadband Claimed

The world’s fastest broadband service, according to that ultimate arbiter of extremes, Guinness World Records, is that provided by Swedish operator Con Hem: 1.6Tbps between Stockholm and Jönköping, a distance of 300 kilometres.

Before you get an attack of broadband envy, you should know that it was available only to participants of DreamHack Summer 2018, billed as the ultimate gaming lifestyle festival.

And we think “con” is the operative word here. Con Hem said the connection had been “made possible using DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) technology, which increases the capacity of optical-fibre cables by sending multiple signals in parallel through the same cable.”

That’s technology that we all rely on every day to give us access to the global Internet: just not all the way to our homes.

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