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“Cheapest”: iiNet 4G Hits Town $29

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iiNet says its fledgling 4G LTE wireless broadband service ‘intensifies competition’ with its $29.95 price, with a massive 5GB data to $79.95 for 20GB.

iiNet, Westnet and Netspace customers can all get the next -gen, faster 4G mobile broadband, 4G hotspot and Wifi devices, from today.

iiNet is hooking up with Optus wholesale to run 4G Long Term Evolution service off its partner’s advanced FD-LTE network, which promises way faster uploads, downloads (1-40Mbps) than 3G technology.

The telco will be releasing 4G-ready handsets “in the near future”, a spokesperson told SmartHouse today.

iiNet’s wireless ‘MobiiHotspot 4G’ wi-fi router can connect with up to 10 devices, costs $49 on 24-month plan or  $229 outright, while USB modem ‘MobiiBroadband 4G’ will set you back $189 or get it free on a 4G mobile broadband plan.

The 4G Plans are pretty flexible and available on a 24-month contract or month to month.

By comparision, Optus charges $45.95 for 10GB USB modem and just south of $50 for 10GB 4G Wifi Modem, while  Telstra have a BigPond Wifi Liberty plan for $29 for 4GB but only as part of a bundle, with download speeds of 2Mbps – 40Mbps, and several prepay USBs starting at $129.

The new 4G service from Perth based iiNet comes after Telstra’s 4G service almost a year ago and has currently around 500,000 customers on the next-gen network and Optus turned the live switch on 4G network just weeks ago, and claims its 4G network delivers “significantly faster” service than rivals, with downloads of up to 47Mbps.

“Both devices are great for travelling professionals and families, allowing them to take their wireless network on the road,” Mr Harley said. iiNet’s Chief Product Officer, Steve Harley.