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Apple’s iPhone 5 Adaptor Shipping Now


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The good folks at Electronista report Aussie customers are receiving shipping notifications for their lightening to 30 pin adaptors. It’s the component that’ll make your new iPhone 5 compatible with your pre-iPhone 5 dock and is expected to be arriving in letter boxes a month after the phone’s launch.

Only Apple would reward its loyal fan-base by charging them an additional $29 for a component that should’ve been included in the kit. For almost ten years, Apple’s products have used their 30-pin standard. Apple devout have purchased everything from docks to entertainment systems around the 30-pin standard and Apple, who has more than $100 billion in the bank, should’ve appeased the customers they’re letting down by including the adaptor.
Apple wanted to make the iPhone 5 thinner and lighter, and the company claims that wouldn’t have been possible using the old standard. On the plus side, the new standard is also faster as it uses all-digital signalling.

Source: Electronista