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TPG’s Teoh Calls For Restrictions On Big Telcos At 5G Auction

TPG Telecom CEO David Teoh has called on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to restrict how much 5G spectrum the big telcos can buy at the October auction of 3.6Ghz spectrum.

“We are very pleased that the Government has asked the ACCC to look at spectrum caps – this is the right step forward from a consumer point of view,” he told Australian IT.

He said TPG needs to have some 5G spectrum, given that there is only 125 megahertz of the 3.6 gigahertz spectrum available initially.

TPG has been working on plans for a 5G mobile network. “We are excited about 5G and are building a network that will be capable of introducing the technology very quickly,” Teoh said. His statements came as TPG this week revealed it is planning to spend $1.86 billion on the rollout of its Australian mobile network (CDN, yesterday).

It has also revealed plans to spend up to S$300 million (A$295 million) on its forthcoming Singapore network, and as an opening gambit aims to offer senior citizens a free SIM for 24 months with free calls and 3GB of data each month.

In an interview with Communications Day this week, Teoh hinted that TPG might well make a similar offer in Australia.

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