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It’s Pure Highway! Digi In-Car Radio $499

You can even pause and rewind live radio – handy of you missed something  – and this clever in-car digital radio adapter upgrade almost any motor to digital radio.

The Pure Highway 300Di features include “best-in-class” digital radio reception, OLED screen, full control and playback on iPod, iPhone, iPad or USB powered device, and also boasts dual tuners, for a massive station list.

And it seems digital radio listening is on the rise in Oz with 1.2 million people are listening to digital stations weekly, with Australia’s five cities selling ‘close to 800,000’ digital radios, according to an industry report, out today.

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Radio lovers can access 30 favourite stations via the controller but one of the niftiest things about the new Pure radio is its “forecourt” pause, enables listeners to leave the car for up to 8 minutes and continue listening from the point where they left off .

The small Pure Highway interface box can be fitted “discreetly” behind the dashboard or in the glove box, say its makers, and comes with a mounting bracket, glass mount aerial, a 3.5mm line-in cable and a USB cable for an iPod, iPhone or iPad, which will also charge the devices.

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The OLED display is readable from any angle and is ideal for driving in poor light.

The Pure Highway 300Di will be available in selected Pioneer car audio stores and AutoXtreme, and will be making sounds from May onwards, but wont come cheap at $499.

“This is an important step forward for the sales of in-car digital radio adapters and will be a significant catalyst in bringing the benefits of digital radio listening to the 32% of radio listening that is done in the car in Australia,” says Graeme Redman, MD Pure Australia.