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Sony Choose LG Passive 3D TV Technology

Sony Choose LG Passive 3D TV Technology

Struggling Sony, who has moved to third party manufacturers to make products that they can put their brand moniker on, has chosen to use 3D screen technology from LG Electronics, according to a senior LG executive.

“Sony is planning to expand the line-up of 3D-enabled TVs this year and their upcoming models will use LG’s technology,” said Nho Seok-ho, head of LG Electronics’ LCD TV division yesterday.

He said that the Korean Company has cut a deal with Sony resulting in LG now looking to move to “Passive” 3D TV technology Vs the active shutter technology they have used in the past.

“That’s why we are sure to increase sales of 3D TVs this year,” said the executive, the right-hand man of LG’s TV chief Kwon Hee-won.

According to Nho Seok-ho, Sony was initially going to adopt Samsung’s technology but they’ve decided cut costs and improve their bottom lines by using the cheaper version.

“The fact that more 3D TVs from Sony will be equipped with LG technology is significant as Japanese TV makers account for over 30 percent of the global 3D TV demand,” Nho said.

Sony rarely mentions that it has been selling 32-inch and 42-inch 3D TV sets in China that have “Passive” 3D TV technology LG executives have said.

LG plans to add a 60-inch model to its 3D TV line-up of a 65- and 72-inch set in June to actively respond to consumer demand, according to the executive.

Impressed by the trend, the LG Electronics executive said it is aiming to sell as many as 36 million LCD TVs this year, an increase of 20 percent from LG’s earlier official target of 30 million.