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Former Sony PR Manager Becomes A Charity Case

Former Sony PR Manager Becomes A Charity Case

Geddes who was known for her fits of rage over stories she did not like has been appointed the CEO of the Australian Charities Fund.

The role which she takes up effective from 1st of July follows the resignation of current CEO Ted Kerr.

On Friday Carl Rose the CEO of Sony Australia and a long-time supporter of Geddes quit the struggling Japanese Company who under Geddes and Rose management saw the brand slump from being a premium consumer electronics brand to being put under pressure from Samsung and LG.

When Geddes joined Sony the Company was #1 in TV’s today the Company is struggling to hold onto third place.

 In her new role Geddes is set to start hitting up employees in large Companies to give to charity.

On Friday Rose issued a statement claiming that he is leaving to “pursue new opportunities”. “It feels that this is the right time for me to conclude my tenure with Sony,” he said.

“I’ve had an amazing time with Sony (but) the time has now come for me to move onto other challenges,” he said.

Rose returned from the UK to take on the role of CEO at the Australian subsidiary where he had previously worked as marketing director. During his tenure he has had to manage a significant downturn in local sales, due at least in part to problems associated with the parent company.