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Surfs Up: Free Wi-Fi On Bondi

Surfs Up: Free Wi-Fi On Bondi

The trial, which will cost between $34,000 and $50,000 to establish and $25,000 a year to maintain, has been investigated since at least February.

Waverley council said it would trial the network for two years, targeting the 2 million people visiting the beach and Bondi park every year.

The trials will determine the future viability of the Wi-Fi service on one of Austalia best known landmarks.

Several other councils have already introduced free Wi-Fi including Lane Cove, Wollongong,Willoughby, Pittwater and most recently Randwick, a recent Waverley Council reprt noted.

Universal Network Technologies is understood to be providing the Wi-Fi service to Bondi, which is to be promoted by the council as part of the “My Bondi Summer” safety initiative.

Users of the wirelss service will be provided with offers and deals from businesses in the area.

There is also likely to be a daily limit of under 2 hours for use of the free Wi-Fi.