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BREAKING NEWS: Samsung Marketing Director Quits

BREAKING NEWS: Samsung Marketing Director Quits

Samsung Australia has offically confirmed that Mr Lambro Skropidis has resigned from the company. Mr Skropidis has held the role of Head of Marketing, Corporate Marketing Division, and had been with the company since May 2008.

Samsung said that during his tenure, the Samsung brand locally has grown by 55% in awareness terms and by 140% in brand preference according to Samsung’s own research. It is now arguably the largest and most influential brand in the consumer electronics industry.

Samsung Electronics Australia Managing Director, Mr S.R. Yoon, expressed his sincere thanks to Mr Skropidis.

Mr Skropidis’ resignation takes effect from December 1, 2011.

Samsung has commenced an executive search in Australia and overseas for Mr Skropidis’ replacement.

Observer claims that the pressure to deliver sales growth by overseas parent Companies are taking its toll on local Australian management who report back to executives in Korea.

According to Skropidis he plans to take a long break and spend more time with his family. “I have been working in marketing for several years. I need a break and I am taking one” he said.

Back in August 2011, Nick Gibson quit LG Australia as Marketing Director for a new marketing role in Melbourne. He joined LG from Electrolux.

In recent months Samsung Australia has found themselves embroiled in legal action with both LG and Apple. Five months ago Samsung, took action against LG Australia claiming that their Korean competitor was engaging in misleading advertising when LG launched an aggressive TV marketing campaign claiming that their passive 3D TV technology was superior to the active shutter technology sold by Samsung. The case is still continuing in the Federal Court.

Late last year Samsung Australia launched a multimillion dollar brand marketing campaign using the star Simon Baker. At the time Skropidis said that he was set to use Baker “long term” to deliver different category messaging.

Several months into the campaign Skropidis said that he was “shocked” when the ANZ banked snared Baker for a new campaign, since then Samsung has dropped the Baker campaign. 

Back in 2010 the head of marketing for Samsung’s TV and Home Entertainment Division Mark Leathan quit Samsung to take on the director of marketing role at Caltex.

More to follow on this story.