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Reports Apple 5G iPhone Arriving 2020

5G has been a hot topic in the news with wireless and broadband services awaiting the arrival of 5G connectivity. Phone manufacturers have also been hinting on their 5G phone models, with some suggesting a release as soon as next year. A new report from Fast Company states that Apple’s first 5G iPhone could be released in 2020.

Fast Company cites “a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans,” who claims that the first official 5G iPhone is slated to be released in 2020.

The report notes that the tech giant intends to use Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip in the upcoming 5G phones. Intel has been working on an antecedent to the 8161, the 8060, which will be used for testing the 5G iPhone.

Fast Company states that Intel hopes to build the 8161 using its 10-nanometer process, which increases transistor density for more speed and efficiency.

However, there are reportedly certain technical issues which need to be resolved, most notably heat-dissipation issues caused by the 8060 modem chip which can affect battery life.

The source states that Apple’s current issues with Intel have not led the tech giant to resume talks with Qualcomm regarding the supply of 5G modems.

However, the source does confirm that Apple has also been hedging their bets has lined up MediaTek as a “Plan B.”

Apple has contracted Intel for the modems in its 2018 phone lineup exclusively, but according to the report, they will not use Intel’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips for the 5G model, as Apple could be the “main volume driver” for its modem.

The industry’s first onslaught of 5G devices is set to debut at the Mobile World Congress show next February.

Android phones from Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi will contain 5G modem chips made by Qualcomm.

Apple appears to be delaying their 5G phone model in order for 5G to become the new standard.

The 5G standard was settled in the past year, and the amount of 5G base stations accessible in major markets will remain limited in 2019.

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