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Don’t Protect NBN From 5G Services, ACCC Chief Warns

ACCC chief Rod Sims has urged the Morrison Government against any move to protect NBN Co’s network against the approaching tsunami of 5G services.

In a speech delivered at yesterday’s RadComms 2018 bash, Sims said the coming 5G networks will be the first generation of mobile technology with the speed and capacity to deliver broadband services comparable to fixed services like the NBN. But he warned: “What we must never do is seek to restrain others in order to protect the NBN business model. This would be a disaster for consumers.”

He said it is critical to ensure the 5G rollout is done in a way that promotes competition. “We know that 5G is going to lower the cost of delivering data, but those changes will be accompanied by large capital and operating costs.

“Operators will need to acquire new spectrum, densify their networks by building more mobile towers, and make sure their transmission can support delivery of new services,” Sims said.

“Competition will drive this investment. It can be the catalyst for innovation and can see operators build wider, better networks, to provide higher quality services.”

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