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Logitech Unveils $60 Harmony Remote

Logitech Unveils $60 Harmony Remote

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The company says that the Harmony 300 Remote is simple to set up, replaces up to four other remotes and gives you better control of what is attached to your TV.

Vice President and General Manager of Logitech’s Digital Home Group, Ashish Arora, said, “Most universal remotes have a bad reputation for being hard to program and, as a result, you still use more than one remote to control the devices you own. With the Harmony 300, we wanted to deliver the Harmony remote promise of one remote to control your entertainment system to everyone.”

The Harmony 300 has a refreshed web-based setup that only requires a user to connect the remote to a computer, visit the MyHarmony website (www.myharmony.com), and the setup will do the rest. Logitech’s remotes are powered by an online device library that covers more brands than any other remote, including more than 225,000 devices from more than 5,000 brands.

The buttons are placed for easy reach and is sculpted so that a user’s fingers can find the right commands. The buttons are grouped by how a person will use them and it comes with a set of programmable buttons that you can use to jump right to a favourite channel or for custom control.

The Logitech Harmony 300 will be available in Australia from the beginning next month for $59.95.