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Full HD Acer Monitor Ready For 3D

Full HD Acer Monitor Ready For 3D

The Acer GD245HQ can turn content into 3D with the help of nVidia’s 3D Vision technology, 3D shutter glasses, and stereoscopic software. Acer claims that its advanced stereoscopic technology defines width, height and depth in all 3 spatial dimensions.

The Acer GD245HQ also features its Adaptive Contrast Management (80,000:1 ACM) that analyses every scene and adjusts images frame by frame, optimising contrast by enhancing detail gradation.

The Acer 3D monitor is crafted for graphics intensive gamers who want high-impact gaming on a large 23.6″ widescreen. The brilliant 1080p display with 100Hz support, 2ms response time and HDMI connectivity maxmises the 3D gaming experience that will also be appreciated by home theatre enthusiasts.

Gaba Cheng, Product Manager for Digital Display, Acer Oceanic Regions said, “While it’s developed primarily to give gamers a fast-moving, high-performance and high impact experience, the GD245HQ presents a futuristic style with clean and acute lines to provide all users stunning picture quality in 3D.”

The Acer GD245HQ Full HD 3D Vision – ready 1080P monitor is available now for $699.