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More Problems Emerging For New MacBook Pro

Apple recently fixed its overheating issue for its 15-inch i9 MacBook Pro but now users are finding more bugs with the hardware.

One of these issues is a ‘kernel panic’ system crash, where the system cannot quickly or easily recover, this is also known as a ‘Sad Mac’.

One user posted on the Apple Community Forum saying he experienced two BridgeOS crashes over the period of 18 hours only a day after buying his new 2018 model.

Commentators suggest the crashes might come from the T2 security chip in the new MacBook Pro.

Some iMac Pro users have also had the same issue since the model was released last December.

Only a week after its release, tech vlogger David Lee posted a review claiming his new MacBook Pro with i9 was overheating with many users experiencing the same issue. Some even suggesting Apple should offer a freezer with its hardware so user’s can keep it cool.

Lee claims because of the speed of the processor the MacBook Pro did not have sufficient cooling systems to keep the laptop at a normal temperature.

Days later the Californian based company apologised and released a software update to fix the problem.

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