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Electric Roller Skates Face OZ Ban Even Before They Are Launched

Self-balancing electric roller skates that several Australian distributors were trying to get the rights to have already been banned in the UK making it doubtful that they will be allowed into Australia.

ChannelNews understands that it was the sale of hoverboards that were eventually banned that sent Melbourne based distributor Kaiser Baas broke after the Company had to take liability for hundreds returned by Harvey Norman.

developed by Segway-Ninebot the new skates had a top speed of 12 km/h and were a real risk for users and anyone who got in there way.

The UK Department for Transport told the BBC the skates fell under the same rules as powered rideable such as electric scooters and “hoverboards”.

According to the BBC Video-maker Casey Neistat, who was given a pair of the skates to test in New York City, also faced difficulty finding places to try them out.

He said he preferred riding them on smooth surfaces but was quickly stopped riding inside Grand Central Station by a security officer.

The Drift W1 electric skates were revealed in June and described by the company as “a new trendy way to move”.

The new roller skates were tipped to be around $499 in Australia.

The company says on its website: “Rules and regulations for riding Segway products on public roads differ for every country.”