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Alert! Optus Bill Police Hit

Alert! Optus Bill Police Hit

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Optus has announced new ‘Text alerts’ that will be sent to customers on post-paid plans when they reach 50%, 85% and 100% of their mobile voice/ text/ data allowance.

The new alerts will give customers greater transparency of their mobile accounts and the yellow telco are also offering  ‘Top Ups’ with additional calls and data to tide them over to the next billing period for those about to max out their cap.

These will be sent via via SMS and will cost $5 and $10, with included call and texts value of $40 and $100 respectively.

For Internet data, users can top up their  by 100MB, 500MB or 1GB with top up’s costing $2, $5 and $10. 

These handy top ups will be available in the coming weeks.

Optus will also send alerts every time a customer spends $100 incrementally on international calls, premium SMS or other non-inclusive services in their cap.

Alerts aren’t confined to Oz — roaming customers will also be notified via SMS within approximately one hour of when they hit their international data roaming thresholds.

Customers heading to the Asia Pacific region can also look to control their spend with Bridge DataRoam Unlimited packs, which provides unlimited data roaming in select destinations.

“We understand our customers can get frustrated when they don’t know how much data or included value they’ve used and incur extra charges,” says Vicki Brady, Managing Director of Customer, Optus.

“By keeping our customers informed of their usage, along with charges incurred outside their mobile plan, we’re offering them more convenient and straightforward tools to help them control their mobile bills.”