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84 Inches: Sony Launches Gigantic 4K TV

Whereas the current TV fad, 3D, demands its audience wear moronic glasses that degrade image quality, 4K looks promising because the only thing viewers have to do is stare at an enhanced picture. I’ve seen the technology in action and it’s breathtaking.

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It works by cramming four times the number of Full HD pixels into a frame, so the TV resolution becomes 3,840 by 2,160.

According to Sony’s Business Development Manager, Michael Bromley, there are roughly seventy-five 4K films available to the public. Understanding how redundant buying a 4K TV would be if there was no supporting content, Sony has put to work proprietary software that upscales any high definition source. This converts existing televised content, DVDs and online HD content into footage compatible with the leviathan set.  .

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By two gamers wearing a special pair of glasses, they’ll have the whole screen to themselves.

The company has given 3D the same treatment to deliver a “3D viewing experience that exceeds Full HD resolution.” The interesting thing to note is Sony has abandoned its Active Shutter 3D technology for the Passive alternative to deliver this improved 3D experience. Passive glasses are currently advocated by LG, don’t require batteries for operation and as a result, are lighter.

Mounted alongside the TV by what resembles heavy duty scaffolding are 10 speakers that produce 50 watts combined. This two way system can deliver virtual 5.1 surround sound and, in the event you want to hook up a surround sound system, can be removed.

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Equipping the XBR-84X900 with WiFi has given it easy access to Sony’s Entertainment Network—their video on demand and music service—while also helping it communicate with other WiFi devices. For instance, by downloading Sony’s Media Remote app, owners of a smartphone and/or tablet will be able to control their entire Sony entertainment system.

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According to the Australian, Sony will be announcing local pricing next week and the XBR-84X900 will be available in December.