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QualiFi Grabs Universal Controls

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The top remote in the US, Universal Remotes (URC) has sold 50 million devices there in the last decade alone.

One of its newest products, URC’s Total Home Control, will be debuted at CEDIA in Sydney next week, breaks new ground in merging home or office systems control with digital audio sources such as iPod, internet and radio streaming.  

Control of audio visuals, lighting and security is made possible using intelligent hand held controllers and smart devices like the Apple iPad.  

Simple two-way control application plug-ins (which currently numbers 840) are also easily added to any system through a click and drag action in the programming software, says QualiFi, which also carries other big names like Philips, Opus and Stealth Acoustics.  

Among the best of these is the URC PSX-2 iPod dock from which users navigate music from a URC control and play it anywhere.

Other features includes support for visual status of volume in any zone when using any mainstream brand AV receiver.

The Melbourne based distributors has pledged to provide the same “technical expertise and support that our dealers have become accustomed to,” Joe Salamanca, head of QualiFi’s control division said.

And will launch a nationwide ‘live training’ road show from June to help build knowledge of URC integration.

 “We’ll further equip dealers with all the tools they require locally to make the transition from Pronto and other control systems to URC a pleasure,” Salamanca added.

Universal remote presentations will be shown at CEDIA on the QualiFi stand no. 32 where Jeff Wagner from URC will take integrators on a tour of the URC control solution world.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Harrison, New York, URC is a pioneer in control technology.