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Huawei Launches 8-Inch Tablet

Huawei Launches 8-Inch Tablet

SYDNEY – Huawei Australia has announced the launch of its new Media Pad T3. The 8-inch, sleek looking tablet will be on sale from Tuesday next week.

The tablet has a variety of different design features that won’t limit the power of this product. The pad is made from a solid piece of anodised aluminium and sports a metallic polish.

It features crisp resolution on its 8-inch IPS HD display, and the newly designed blue-light filter and a low-light display mode ensure that consumers won’t hurt their eyes on the crisp, clear colour screen.

The MediaPad is fitted with a large 4800mAh battery said to allow upward of 11 hours for video, eight hours for Web browsing, or 22 hours of phone calling.

A split-screen function allows users to watch videos and browse various social media Web sites at the same time. It also allows parents to set limits on how much time a child may use the product.

Microsoft Office is pre-installed on the device for business-related uses. The Huawei T3 is due to hit local stores on Tuesday – Channel News

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