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Q4 Tablet Shipments Set To Hit New High

Supply chain sources expect global tablet shipments to hit a 13-quarter high in Q4, as the coronavirus crisis continues to accelerate demand.

Research from Taiwan trade publication, DigiTimes, reveals global tablet shipments spiked 10.5% quarter-on-quarter in Q3 to 43.83 million units.

‘Non-Apple vendors’ are said to have dominated quarterly shipments, due to aggressive pricing measures.

According to the research report, tablet shipments are set to jump 7.3% quarter-on-quarter in Q4, prompt by steady demand especially in the realms of education.

Apple has retained its lead in the global tablet shipment market, followed by Samsung, Huawei, Amazon and Lenovo.

Supply chain sources expect Lenovo to surpass Huawei and Amazon leading into Q4.

It comes after Lenovo and Huawei were deemed to be the fastest growing tablet brands in Q2, however, the later has been hampered by strained US tensions.

The research reveals demand for large sized tablets has begun to decrease, contrasting results earlier in the year during lockdown measures.

Demand for smaller sized tablets is expected to increase amid new offerings from the likes of Samsung and Microsoft.

Component manufacturer, Foxconn, is expected to see its shipment ratio slip under 50% in Q4, following a decrease in shipments for the iPad Air 3.

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