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Huawei An OK 5G Vendor: Spark

The CEO of New Zealand telco Spark has come out in support of Chinese telco manufacturer Huawei as a potential supplier of 5G infrastructure, despite the company being banned by the Australian and US governments from taking such a role.

Simon Moutter told Spark’s AGM: “Although we have yet to make decisions on our 5G technology partners, based on their track record with us, we see no reason why Huawei should not be among the vendors we consider inviting to the process.

“We hope that our Government would not preclude them from being considered without incontrovertible evidence their technology presents security risks that the comprehensive security management tools we employ in our networks cannot mitigate.”

Huawei revealed in August that it and rival Chinese manufacturer ZTE had been banned from any role in 5G networks in Australia.

All three mobile operators responded to the announcement, but only Vodafone criticised the Government’s decision, saying it marked a “significant change, which fundamentally undermines Australia’s 5G future.”

Optus said it welcomed the certainty the Government’s decision would provide.

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