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So What’s Up With Apple’s Imminent IOS 15 Upgrade?

While we have to wait until probably early AM Tuesday to see if it’s as exciting in-hand as Apple want everyone to believe, there’s definitely new tweaks in store with iOS 15.

Visually it’s not a major revamp, but in the day-to-day motions, things like Live Text photo scanning and the new Focus are a plus.

For a start, FaceTime brings you and your friends and family together in a new pandemic-friendly way, with the ability to watch films or listen to tunes together during calls. There’s also a new grid that will broadcast up to six people in a call in a cleaner fashion that will make you think you’re suddenly in The Brady Bunch intro.

You’ll also be able to send a link to Android users and Windows laptops and Chromebooks. It’s all very Zoom like…

Speaking of camera stuff, if the unit sees a text field an icon will pop up prompting you to “scan text”. If you hit it the camera will activate and convert the text you aim it at – such as a headline, packet ingredients, etc. You can then copy and edit it.

The Apple Wallet will also get a makeover, so you will be able to unlock your hotel room or home, along with your car, as BMW are set to ship automobiles with this feature later this year.

One new feature is Focus, which will help keep the life/work balance in check, with more people working from home now and in the future. Focus will let you dictate what sort of notifications you want to receive and when, and perhaps most importantly who from.

So set it to, say, “work” and you’ll only hear from those people. Alternatively, you can set it for a “do not disturb” reply so the boss isn’t politely reminding you about your 8am meeting while you’re tucking into dessert.

iOS 15 also includes enhanced security features, such as Mail Privacy Protection, which will hide any IP address you’re using so any company that sends you an email can’t link it to other online activity.

There are also tweaks to make it easier to keep track of links, photos, etc sent through iMessage.

iPad fans are also set for extra goodies, with widgets you can set for Apple TV and contacts that provide iPad-specific larger displays.

As usual, though, there’s probably no extreme reason to rush head-first into downloading it. If you wait a few days any potential bugs will have been worked through so you can enjoy things better.

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