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Google Drops Rift-Like Headset

Google Drops Rift-Like Headset

Companies entering the virtual reality headset market now have to face off against Oculus, Facebook, and Sony. However, Google has Cardboard, a cheap version of an Oculus Rift that needs only a mobile phone and a few folds to take people into the virtual world.

But Google recently bought and boosted a company called Daydream which offers a VR platform built on top of Android Nougat – and plans to launch a new Daydream-based headset.

The company claims the technology will offer higher frame rates, lower latency and better motion quality and processing, compared with its current Cardboard offering.

Google said the new platform will also enable handset makers and developers to take advantage of a unified set of specifications and APIs to more easily make VR applications, smartphones and headsets.

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