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Acer UltraBooks: Big, Pricey.. So Why Bother?

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Intel Vice President, Sean Maloney first announced the new category of laptops in Taipei, to be “thin, light and beautiful designs that are less than 20mm thick, and mainstream price points under US$1,000,” driven by its next gen high speed Core processors, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge. 

Intel are hoping 40 percent of new laptops would be Ultrabooks by the end of next year, a category already fighting for its life amid the tab revolution.

However, it looks like Acer has gone against Intel’s creed, and will charge “more than $1000” for their device, according to reports. This means the Ultrabook will cost almost double the price of a neat Iconia tablet from the same brand. 

The much revered notebook king are said to have changed its pricing strategy, aiming at the high end price range using top spec components. 

And it looks like its not just Acer that has disobeyed Intel’s creed. Asus are also producing Ultrabooks but some models will cost well over the US $1000 mark. In fact, models using Core i5 and i7 will cost up to $2000, a source told Slashgear. (Maloney might not be pleased.) 

However, Asus Ultrabooks driven by Core i3 processor will go for less than a grand. 

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It’s hard yet to know whether Ultrabooks are the revolutionary device they promise to be, or breath some life back into the laptop category, so watch this space – Acer’s first attempt  is out Q4.