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Telstra Has Another Crack At Stimulating Landline Use With Pretty Smart Phone

But despite the ascension of personal smartphones, Aussies still have an appetite for the good ol’ home phones, say Telstra who claim its latest fixed line evolution ‘T Hub 2’ will have you highly entertained.

The T-Hub 2 available from tomorrow is a “smartphone for your home” in the guise of a cordless handset and a 7″ tablet which runs off Android 2.3.

The 7-inch touchscreen Wi-Fi tablet sits in a charging cradle with stereo speakers, and is really a multimedia tablet exclusively for home use that doubles into a wireless speaker phone.

The ultra  mobile tab can be used easily in any room in the house, and comes with a slew of preloaded Google apps (Gmail, Play,YouTube) as well as Yellow and Whhite Pages search, Tune In Internet radio, games and entertainment including Big Pond News, Sport (both unmetered).

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It also has Google Search Voice meaning you can summon any info – from a recipe to what’s on TV tonight by just speaking to it.

Oh and it has high quality voice calling, which Telstra say home phone users desire more than anything, along with the ability to manage contacts, and access to applications.

When the T Hub 2 rings you can answer via speakerphone, giving it that Skype feel we are all familiar with, meaning you can talk to the whole family when ringing home.

Telstra customers still make 30 million phone calls a month from their home phone, despite the invasion of smartphones.

And handily, you can also sync T Hub with your iPhone or Android phone contacts, meaning you instantly have email addresses and other info on the device.

The combined home phone and tablet T Hub 2 is a global bench mark, say Telstra, as there is nothing else in the world like it.

T Hub launched pre iPad in 2010 and has sold 300,000 so far. Its “the next step” in Telstra ‘connected home strategy’ aiming to connect up the matrix of devices in a typical Aussie home.

T Hub 2 connects to and controls T Box and all DLNA ready devices ( PC, TV, DVD player) meaning you can share content across all devices.

So if you’ve just downloaded a cool video from T Hub via YouTube app, you can watch it your big TV screen.

Looks wide, T Hub part deux sports a curved design and is similar to any Android tab but is a big step up from the original Hub.

“As the next step in our connected home strategy, T-Hub 2 caters to what modern households need in a home phone, offering a smarter way to make calls, manage contacts and access handy internet services like live weather updates and social networking sites.

T-Hub 2 was trialled by more than 300 customers during development, and feedback was positive, says Telstra.

You can also have numerous handsets (up to 5) Price wise, T Hub 2 can be bought for for $360 outright for BigPond customers or purchased as part of a Telstra T-Bundle for $15 a month over 24 months.

T-Hub 2 will be compatible with the NBN.

T-Bundle customers also get unlimited voice calls (national) from their home phone to up to four Telstra mobiles on a single bill, as well as unlimited local calls on most T-Bundle plans.