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Foxtel Slammed At Offical TiVo Launch

Foxtel Slammed At Offical TiVo Launch

Seven Media have taken a massive swipe at Foxtel claiming their pay TV is expensive and “8 year old technology”. The claims were made at the offical launch of the new HD TiVo PVR which comes with no subscription fee and superior software for the recording of free to air TV.

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James Warburton Director of Sales for the Seven Network claims that 70% of Australians have turned their back on Foxtel and that 60% of Foxtel customers are paying a monthly fee to record free to air TV which with a TIVO offering which will only cost a $699 one off fee for the outright purchase of a TIVO unit from a Harvey Norman store from July 29th.
Seven Media General Manager for Hybrid Television Services Mark Hughes claims that over the next few months the TIVO will be expanded to offer additional channels as well as movies and documentaries. They have also said that they are in discussions with both the ABC in Australia and the BBC in the UK as well as several other leading content providers to deliver new content.

“We are currently in discussions with several content providers and we have already built the backend structure that is needed to deliver content such as movies and content from third party providers. Our initial plan is to give consumers a significantly better recording and management experience of free to air TV and then follow this up with addition services”.
James Warburton said “While the service will be advertising free initially, we do plan to run banner advertising inside content going forward. For the consumer they only pay a one off fee of $699 and no ongoing subscription fees”.
Seven Media say that all free-to-air television networks’ digital channels in Australia will be available on the new PVR.

 As FTA broadcasters create more compelling, interactive digital television offerings delivering more choice, more services and more content – the TiVo proposition becomes a compelling case to 70 per cent of Australians who chose free over pay television.

The TiVo Service will be available across Australia and will include internationally recognized TiVo features, including Season Pass recordings and Wish Listâ„¢ searches and allow users to access broadband content on their televisions.
Through its partnership with TiVo, Seven is deploying TiVo’s leading interactive advertising capabilities that will lead to new integrated interactive advertising strategies.

TiVo in Australia was announced today by Mr David Leckie, the Chief Executive Officer of Seven Media Group, and Tom Rogers, President and CEO of TiVo.

Mr Leckie said: “TiVo’s arrival in Australia further strengthens free-to-air television in Australia. Over more than five decades, free-to-air television continues to define the media landscape.

“Our future focuses on creating and delivering programming across multiple channels on digital free-to-air television, of dramatically expanding the television experience for the 7 out of 10 Australians who only watch free-to-air television. And it’s about us meeting new consumer demands for more control, more services and more involvement in the television experience.
“TiVo will play a key role in the future of free-to-air television in Australia: an industry committed to reflecting the lives of Australians, creating and producing programs that Australians want to watch and introducing the technology and the broader multi-channel platform that will redefine television in this country.”
Mr Rogers said: “We are excited to be partnering with the Seven Media Group to bring Australian television viewers all the benefits that TiVo has to offer.