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Altech & Mtron Sign Distributor Pact

Altech & Mtron Sign Distributor Pact

The Mtron SSD uses controller technology and its Hydra Architecture maximises parallelism through multiple control channels and implements an intelligent algorithm, allowing it to take full advantage its flash memory control technology.

The Mtron SSD also boasts competitive specs i.e. average data access speed of 0.1ms, maximum read speed of 130MB/s and maximum write speed of 120MB/s.

This new addition will allow Altech Computers to continue positioning themselves as one of the nation’s largest and most successful distributors of computer components.

Kevin Hartin, the Marketing Manager of Altech Computers said “I can see SSD replacing the existing HDD in many IT applications and this is a great opportunity for Altech Computers to position itself as a leading distributor in this exciting new technology.  The obvious advantages of SSD, which offers no noise, low power consumption and fast access time, in an extremely robust package will drive its uptake.”